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ACUVUE® gave Joey a once-in-a-lifetime view. How could we change everything for you? #AskAndSee.



New contacts

New Perspective

After climbing mountains in Argentina, Russia and Tanzania, 17-year old Joey Szalkiewicz set his sights on Denali. Find out why, and see how asking for contacts has changed everything—for himself and the less fortunate.

Joey Szalkiewicz

Joey Szalkiewicz

Contacts changed everything for me, So I'm climbing Denali to help 13,120 underprivileged kids get vision care.



@joeyski7 So glad we could help you on this journey. It's incredible how much could change when you just ask. #AskAndSee


It's this kind of view that changes your whole perspective. Can’t wait to take on #Denali. #landscape #Alaska

Joey Szalkiewicz

Joey Szalkiewicz

Gotta pack light. Anything I want to take up Denali, I have to carry on my back. #ouch


Joey Szalkiewicz

Getting contacts changed everything for me & it inspired me to #ShareTheView. So I'm climbing Denali to help 13,120 underprivileged kids get vision correction.
#Alaska #Denali #dogood #bethechange #giveback


Joey Szalkiewicz

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