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Whether you’re new to the ACUVUE® Brand or a long-time wearer, you can save with our latest rebate offers.
Simply select a rebate then submit online or by mail. Plus, you’ll get free lens care reminders, and more.

Rebates for purchases made between:

January 01, 2014 and June 30, 2014

Rebate valid only on in-office and in-store purchases made by 6/30/14. Not valid for internet purchases. Recent eye exam required. See rebate terms and conditions.

Rebates are not valid for purchases made at Costco® Optical. Please contact Costco® Optical or the online sellers for their specific offers.

  • Important dates

    • Purchases must be made in-office or in-store between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014 with rebate submission received on or before July 31, 2014.
    • Purchases must be made within 90 days after your eye exam.

    Submitting online

    • Pick your rebate
    • Login or register
    • Upload a photo or scan of your lens purchase and eye exam receipts
    • Tell us about your lens wearing schedule and lens supply

    Submitting by mail

    • Pick your rebate
    • Login or register
    • Tell us about your wearing schedule and lens supply

    Gather the following items:

    • Printed rebate form
    • Purchase receipt(s)
    • Eye exam receipt

    Put everything in an envelope with correct postage and mail it in.

    You’ll get your rebate as a Visa® prepaid debit card. Your card will arrive eight to ten weeks after we receive your request. Use it anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.


  • Can I submit a rebate request from any retailer or doctor's office?

    In general, yes. The exceptions are purchases made at Costco®, but other special offers are often available for ACUVUE® Brand at these retailers. Please check the store for details.

    How long will it take to get my rebate?

    Once you submit online or mail in the rebate form and required items, you can expect your rebate in eight to ten weeks. You can check the status of your rebate by using our online Rebate Tracker. If you haven’t received your rebate within ten weeks, please call 888-565-8474.

    What is the prepaid card and where can it be used?

    The prepaid card is a debit card with a credit balance equal to the dollar amount of your rebate. You can spend your rebate money on whatever you wish at any store where Visa® cards are accepted.

    I have different lenses for each eye and both have rebates. Which do I choose?

    If both lenses have rebate offers and you’ve met the requirements, you should select the higher of the two rebates when completing the rebate form.

    Will a photocopy of the original purchase receipt be accepted?

    Yes. You can use a photocopy, photo or scan of your ACUVUE® Brand purchase receipt and eye exam receipt.

    Will a credit card receipt be accepted as a purchase receipt?

    Sorry, no. A credit card receipt doesn’t have enough detail to verify that the rebate requirements have been met.

    Can I submit purchase receipts from multiple vendors?

    Yes. Just make sure you purchase the total number of boxes required for the rebate and that you purchase them within 90 days of your eye exam.

    Can I submit more than one product rebate for the same purchase?

    No. Our rebates are limited to one per customer, per offer, per ACUVUE® Brand purchase, per yearly eye exam.