Bi-weekly Contact Lenses

What are bi-weekly contacts?

Bi-weekly contacts are contact lenses you replace every other week. Also known as 2-week disposable contact lenses, bi-weekly contact lenses offer a balance between lower maintenance and comfort.

Bi-weekly contacts, like ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, still need to be taken out nightly, but they are designed to last longer before you need to dispose of them and start with a fresh pair after 2 weeks.

Who should wear bi-weekly contacts?

Your doctor can help determine if bi-weekly contacts are right for you. They will consider your lifestyle, your prescription, and your needs. Even if bi-weekly contacts aren’t the right fit, daily or monthly contacts may be.

ACUVUE® offers a variety of bi-weekly contacts for people like you. Your doctor can help you find an option that is right for you, whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, or if you have an astigmatism.

How are bi-weekly contacts different than other contacts?

Bi-weekly contacts are unique from other contacts in a number of ways, but the biggest difference is how long you can wear them before disposal.

You can wear bi-weekly contacts for two weeks until you should throw them away. Monthly contacts should be discarded after a month, and daily contacts after a day. You get the idea. Your eye doctor will help you to figure out which contacts are right for you.

Cost of bi-weekly contacts

The cost of bi-weekly contacts is based on your eye doctor, your access to vision insurance, and your prescription. Bi-weekly ACUVUE® Brand Contacts typically range from $175 to $1,055 per year. Plus you can factor in your free trial pair of contacts* and getting up to $50 back with MyACUVUE® Rewards!


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