Find An Eye Doctor

Use this tool to find an eye doctor, also known as an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, near you!

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Types of Eye Doctors and Professionals

Eye doctors evaluate the overall health of your eyes and can also prescribe vision correction solutions such as glasses or contacts. Eye exams can detect over 270 different medical conditions, and if your vision is blurry or you have difficulty seeing in low light, an eye doctor may be able to prescribe a solution for you.

There are three types of eye care professionals you might see at your appointment—an ophthalmologist (MD), optometrist (OD) and optician. Ever wonder what each eye care professional does? Here’s a breakdown:

Before your next eye exam, be sure to review our information on how to best prepare for your appointment.

*Free trial contact lenses available only from participating eye care professionals. Exam and fitting fees not included. Click here for additional terms and conditions.