Anatomy of the eye

Your eyes are made up of many intricate parts that each play a role in helping you see. Learn the basics of eye anatomy and the specific purpose of each part: 


The protective outer coating of the eyeball, which appears white, and is mostly opaque


The clear front of the sclera, where light travels into the eye


The delicate membrane for protection in the front of the eye and inside its lid


Gives eyes their color and is equipped with tiny muscles to expand or contract the pupil, to manage incoming light


The small, black spot in the center of the iris, which allows light to enter the eye


The layer of tissue with receptor cells that send messages to the brain through the optic nerve


The flexible tissue behind the iris and pupil that focuses light on the retina


The area in the center of retina, made up of several tiny cells to help the lens focus light and help with tasks requiring precision 

Aqueous Humor & Vitreous Humor

The gel-like fluids inside the eyeball that help give them shape

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