A World Worth Seeing


ACUVUE® enables you to Go See the world differently, live a life without compromise and challenge the status quo. We're committed to sustainable solutions that help you see the world and ensure it’s a place worth seeing.

Our Sustainable Vision

ACUVUE® is dedicated to putting the planet first and creating a sustainable future for us all. This means high quality products that are responsibly made to protect the planet, while providing the convenience and comfort you know and love.

We want to make a positive difference by minimizing our impact on the climate, tackling waste and protecting our natural world. We are on a journey and excited to take you with us!

Our Sustainability Commitments

Considering Climate

We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by optimizing our production and packaging.

Protecting The Natural World

We’re working hard to limit our use of natural resources and find ways to protect the environment.

Tackling Waste

We’re tackling our environmental impact by reducing waste, using less resources and helping you recycle more.


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