There are three components to getting contact lenses: an eye exam, a contact lens fitting, and actually purchasing the lenses.


While vision insurance plans vary, you may be able to get some of your fees covered. Typically, the exam and fitting fee are covered or require a small copay, while your materials allowance can help cover or defray the cost of the lenses.

Before you make an appointment, get an understanding of what’s covered under your plan so you know what to ask for. Check with your employer or vision insurance provider to find out your plan details.


TIP: Make sure you bring your vision insurance card with you to your appointment so your doctor’s office can submit a claim quickly and easily.

TIP: Some vision insurance plans allow you to book exams on a calendar year basis, so you may not have to wait a full 365 days until your next exam.


How much can vision insurance save me?

It will vary based on your specific insurance plan. On average, insurance plans allow $150 for contact lenses or glasses. Check with your employer or insurance provider to get the details of your plan. Keep in mind that most insurance plans require that you spend all of your exam fees and materials allowance in one transaction. Be sure to talk with your eye doctor about these details.

What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA)?

FSAs and HSAs are special accounts that allow you to put money aside to pay for certain out-of-pocket healthcare costs. There is a tax benefit for these accounts because you do not pay any taxes on this money. You can use the funds to pay for certain medical, dental, and vision expenses including vision exam copays, contact lens fitting fees and contact lens purchases.

How can I save on my purchase of ACUVUE® Contact Lenses?

We offer special savings on purchases of our contact lenses through the MyACUVUE® Rewards program. You can learn more here or talk to your eye doctor.



*Free trial lenses available from participating eye doctors. Exam and fitting fees not included.