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Try Contact Lenses With Vision Insurance

There are three main parts to getting contacts: a specific contact lens exam, a contact lens fitting, and actually purchasing the lenses. But before you start, be sure to supplement your purchase with your vision insurance.

While vision insurance plans vary, you may be able to get some of your fees covered. Typically, the exam and fitting fee are covered or require a small copay, while your materials allowance can help cover or defray the cost of the lenses.

Before you make an appointment, get an understanding of what’s covered under your plan so you know what to ask for. Check with your employer or vision insurance provider to find out your plan details.

TIP: Make sure you bring your vision insurance card with you to your appointment so your doctor’s office can submit a claim quickly and easily.

TIP: Some vision insurance plans allow you to book exams on a calendar year basis, so you may not have to wait a full 365 days until your next exam.

Remember, you already paid for your insurance, so it makes sense to use it. Whether you’re new to vision correction or you’re already wearing glasses, it’s the perfect way to try contacts at little to no out-of-pocket cost.

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