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What inspires our contact lens designs?

Your eyes are our inspiration. We work tirelessly to create contact lenses that work in harmony with your unique eyes, the lifestyle you live and your vision correction needs.

Adult woman smiling as she lays on the grass with the sun shining

Do you feel your eyes are prone to sensitivity, irritation or allergies? Well if you do, we think you deserve to live life while staying comfortable. That’s why we developed contact lenses that help keep moisture in and irritation out to help keep your eyes comfortable.

 A woman at her desk in the office looking at a notebook

Do you spend hours sitting in front of a computer? Are you exposed to dry or dusty environments? Any one of these situations can take a toll on your eyes. Good thing we created contact lenses that help keep comfort coming all day long.

Adult woman smiling as she sits on the sofa

Are you looking to amp up the natural beauty of your eyes? We’ve developed lenses that add definition and brightness to your eyes, and bring the sparkle and shine without giving up comfort.

A man with a backpack in the middle of the forest.

Are you looking for lenses that can keep up with your long hours? Feel good knowing you’ll get the most out of your lenses hour after hour with minimal lens awareness—whether for long days or throughout the month.

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