If you’ve stepped out of your eye doctor's appointment feeling both excited and nervous about trying out your new contact lenses at home - you’re certainly not alone.

Sometimes it does take a little bit of practice before you become a pro at your routine, but you’ll never forget the moment you finally put in your contacts and experience all the great benefits for the very first time!

Results that are worth the effort

Maybe you’re concerned about how comfortable they’ll be or that you’ll have difficulty putting something in your eye? While it’s perfectly normal to feel this way, you’ll soon find that your new contact lenses are not only incredibly comfortable but they’re easy to put in too!

If you're having any trouble with your lenses, we're here to help! ACUVUE LensAssist offers live one-on-one assistance for your contact lens needs.


While there may be a range of different ways for putting in and taking out contact lenses, our real-live contact lens wearers are more than happy to share a few top tips.


As you get used to life with contact lenses, elements in your everyday life can effect your eyes' comfort levels. Check out our tips for maintaining happy, healthy eyes.

Your new life with Contact lenses

Find Out How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Contacts

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